Tuesday, May 24, 2005

You, The Invaluable Customer

You know I cherish You. You might not believe the time, effort and money I invest to meet (and attempt to exceed) Your needs and expectations.

Actually, truth be told, I rather enjoy it. The challenge to increase my value to You in some way, every day. Have you noticed not every company has that attitude?

I ordered more RAM (Random Access Memory) for one of my business computers on Saturday. Seems RAM is the magic elixir for all computers electronic happiness. You would think a company selling computer stuff would have an easily navigable website, and in this time of glut for all things electronic, some pretty darn good customer service.


The site was a bear to navigate and find what I wanted, I had to "register" to place my order. Today I called them to see if my order had shipped. The first person on the phone brusquely informed me he was in "Sales" and I needed "Customer Service" (huh?). After a few minutes on hold, a person picked up and I asked my order status. She advised me that weekend orders are not looked at until Monday, and furthermore they don't ship for yet another day.

My thoughts of course went to my business, Relentless Improvement. Many of You have spoken to me on Saturday morning. If You ordered on Friday night or Sat morning, You know Your order went out Saturday. Because USPS is open, and You want Your products! My site is easy to navigate, with a prominent Search box, and simple to see and understand click to browse links by health concern, ingredient and supplier. And no forcing You to spend time "registering" just so I can harvest and sell off Your personal information to 3rd parties.

Your experience with Relentless should always be intuitive, easy, painless. Let me know how I can improve-

PS- Many new AOR products being added this week and next to further round out our already huge selection. My goal is not to add additional suppliers any time soon, because I want to give you additional items from a supplier You already have grown to know and trust. Please give me Your feedback on items You want to see in stock.