Friday, May 13, 2005

Vitamin E (for you and me!)

Lower cholesterol, anti-cancer, anti-oxidant? Sounds great.

New Research was released yesterday from the University of Rochester medical Center on Vitamin E, or more specifically tocotrienols.

To quote from the article-

"Vitamin E, which has been widely studied for its health benefits, consists of both tocopherols and tocotrienols. Much research has focused on the tocopherols derived from corn, wheat and soybean. But the tocotrienols (TRF) seem to have greater antioxidant properties and are becoming more noteworthy in scientific research, (Dr.) Minhajuddin says."

He goes on to point out:

" Although millions of Americans take statins (for high cholesterol) and do well, they are expensive and they come with side effects. So far, scientists have not found any adverse effects of tocotrienols"

In previous research, Dr. Minhajuddin discovered:

" in animals that TRF (tocotrienols) reacts with liver enzymes in such a way that it clears toxic substances from the organ, and reduces or stabilizes liver tumors. The group concluded that long-term use of tocotrienol might reduce overall cancer risk,"

We have long recognized the health benefits of pharmaceutical quality Vitamin E supplementation, and have made available three distinct vitamin E products;

Toco-3-Nol MAX: TOCO•3•NOL MAX contains tocotrienols, “the other half” of the vitamin E complex. Tocotrienols are many times more powerful cell membrane antioxidants than tocopherols, and research supports a role for high-dose tocotrienols in supporting healthy blood lipid balance, and may support the normal growth and development of cells.

Total E: Total E is the first truly balanced, complete E-complex supplement. Vitamin E is not just alpha-tocopherol, and not just “mixed tocopherols” either. The E complex includes eight distinct vitamin E molecules (or “vitamers”): four tocopherols and four tocotrienols. Coenzyme Q10 is included as a lipid-phase antioxidant recycling couple to the E-complex.

Network Synergy: Network Synergy includes the complete “Antioxidant Network,” the body’s five-member antioxidant defense and recycling system. These five antioxidants: R(+)-lipoic acid, the complete vitamin E complex (tocopherols and tocotrienols), vitamin C, glutathione, and coenzyme Q10 – are unique in their synergistic ability to “recycle” one another into their active antioxidant forms. Selenium and flavonoids are proven network “boosters.”

See a selection of Vitamin E Products.

We cannot stress enough that these products are far from grocery store quality and formulation. Research shows that bioavailability varies hugely among brands. Personally, I am not willing to risk efficacy for price.

To Your Health!