Tuesday, May 24, 2005

Multiple Sclerosis and EGCG

Thank you Irwin for this study on MS and Green Tea extract.

A quote- "Thus, a natural green tea constituent may open up a new therapeutic avenue for young disabled adults with inflammatory brain disease by combining, on one hand, anti-inflammatory and, on the other hand, neuroprotective capacities."


The benefit to you of EgCG is documented regularly. One common thread is the pharmaceutical quality of the extracts used in testing. Do you think they buy an unknown powder at the local discount store for $1.99? Wrong! As with all supplements, quality varies widely. If you are going to supplement, do it wisely use what they studies use: a Pharmaceutical Grade EgCG.

Irwin, a Relentless Customer, runs a ListServ email list for autoimmune research. He says: "I moderate the auto-immune list which is devoted to emerging research and issues in autoimmune diseases with an emphasis on multiple sclerosis. Subscribers to the list, currently approximately 450 world wide, receive information via E-mail that is in the public domain or written permission (E-mail is acceptable) has been obtained from the owner of copyrighted information. The auto-immune list is not a chat group. I am the only one that can post to the auto-immune list. There is no cost to the subscribers and my effort is totally voluntary. When information is posted no comments or interpretation are provided."

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