Wednesday, May 11, 2005

Being a Savvy Supplement User (and my personal regimen!)

A person asked me, what do you use? Do you take your own products?

Yes, I do. Everyday.

I am 44 years old and noticed some years back that my head was not as clear as it once was. I sometimes fumbled to remember something or choose the word that I wanted to use. I love to hike, and noticed my stamina was not what it once was. Being a curious guy, I began to educate myself in ways to combat or even reverse these problems. Now, several years later, I find myself helping others with the same problems.

The path here was one of exciting discovery as I explored the marketplace and sorted the snake-oil from the effective. I experienced great companies and poor companies along the way, and customer service ranging from awesome to atrocious. was born as a natural extension of this journey to serve others like me: seeking the highest quality products proven effective in published studies, at a reasonable price, made available on an intuitive, easily navigable website. To top it off, nothing less than superb customer service would suffice.

Reason for the above is not to tout my business, but to paint a picture of what you may be struggling with right now- finding the right level of value for what you seek. For me, the value (in descending order) was in effectiveness, pharmaceutical quality products, bottled by established high integrity suppliers, well thought out formulations, effective dosages, easy to purchase, cost.

That equation makes perfect sense to me because the fundamental reason for supplementing every day (and I will get to my personal regimen) is for longevity (living longer), anti-aging and cognitive enhancement. It only makes sense that I would first of all insure -

1. Effectiveness - if not effective, why bother?
2. Quality - safety
3. Brand integrity - safety, are they really qualified to formulate?
4. Formulations - synergistic and complimentary effect
5. Doses - My pet peeve! The pond scum that list all those different ingredients as "proprietary" when it comes to dose, to hide the fact the doses are meaningless! - Or some list a panoply of ingredients but not the doses. They try to make you think you are getting more, but the opposite is true!
6. Ease of Purchase - Ugh. Have you ever slogged through a web site to make a purchase? Had to "Register" ? Checked off all kind of agreement boxes? Forced to read disclosures? Had your eyes tortured by flashing, turning, blinking, multi-colored things? When you visit us on the web, let me know what you think, becuase the site is designed for one thing- allow you to accomplish what you came for simply and easily.
7. Price - After you consider the above issues, "price" should have changed to a measure of "value offered" instead. Value should be self-evident as you weigh your choices. This goes to my basic advice which is, pick your monthly budget and supplement to it.

Ok! Here are the products I choose to supplement with each day. My regimen might not be the right one for you, and this is not advice. None of my opinions have been evaluated by the FDA

Ortho-Core by Advanced Orthomolecular Research for a foundational base and longevity. Vitamins, Minerals, Phytonutrients. A formulation that is light-years ahead of anything else on the market in my opinion. Includes proven anti-cancer substances Indole-3-Carbinol, Selenium, chirally pure Trans-reveratrol, Sulforaphane.

Ortho-Mind - by Advanced Orthomolecular Research for cognitive enhancement. Acetyl-L-Carnitine, R-Lipoic Acid, Huperzine, Vinpocetine, Bacopa, Pyroglutamic Acid (the natural form of piracetam).

Mito-GOLD by GeroNova Research for anti-oxidant and anti-aging protection. R-Lipoic / R-Dihydro Lipoic Acid combination using Medium Chain Triglyderides for transport to the hepatic (liver) portal system which result in much higher blood plasma levels. Also with Delta Tocotrienol and D-Biotin for synergistic effect. Offers neuro-protective benefits, increases ATP levels (energy), reverse DNA damage and help control blood sugar. This trademarked product has no equal.

Acetyl-L-Carnitine Arginate by Life Extension Foundation for brain rejuvenation (grows neurites). Acetyl-l-carnitine-arginate is a patented form of acetyl-l-carnitine. This amino acid boosts mitochondrial energy production through its ability to facilitate fatty acid transport across the membrane into the cell where they are burned as energy.

Super EPA/DHA with sesame Lignans and Olive Fruit Extract by Life Extension Foundation. Pharmaceutical grade fish oil. Support body, brain, skin, hair and nails to be their best, this is simply the best product on the market, bar none, in my opinion.

7-KETO DHEA by Life Extension Foundation. Supplement back to my more youthful levels of DHEA to improve thermogenisis (fat-burning) from diet and exercise.

Hydergine Reputed to have anti-aging and cognitive enhancing effects on the human brain. FDA drug available by prescription only or through an Offshore Pharmacy. We can not sell it on our site.

Deprenyl also known as Selegiline. (EDIT- I now use Bacopa instead of Deprenyl. Cheaper and available in the US as non-prescription, and has better effects than Deprenyl) Reputed to be a neuro-protectant, and have the ability to rescue dying brain cells. FDA drug available by prescription only or through an Offshore Pharmacy. We can not sell it on our site.

As new research and discoveries are made public, I am likely to alter my supplement regimen to take advantage. My advice to anybody interested in being the best that they can be is to weigh your options carefully. Eat a good diet, get exercise regularly, supplement thoughtfully from high-integrity suppliers.