Tuesday, May 31, 2005

June 1 Press Release on R-Lipoic and Antioxidants/Antiaging

See it here before you read it in the news:

Relentless Improvement June 1 Press Release

Working 14 hours a day to serve you and help you have a better life.

Have I mentioned how much I value my Customers? A lot - I appreciate each and every one of you and wish I could thank each of you in person for trusting Relentless Improvement with your business and your health.

Thank You!


Boston University Study On US Medication Use

Interesting fact and figures in this report (it is a PDF file).

• In any given week, 82% of U.S. adults take at least one medication (prescription or nonprescription drug, vitamin/mineral, herbal/natural supplement); 30% take at least five.

• 42% of U.S. adults take vitamins; 27% take multivitamin products.

•19% take products containing herbals or other natural supplements.

• Specific drugs reported much increased use since the last survey, Fosamax was one of those.

Snapshot of findings as reported:

"In adult subjects, OTC analgesics were the most frequently used individual drug products (i.e., not vitamins or herbals natural supplements), taken by 16-20%. Prescription drugs predominated among the remaining commonly used compounds. The most common prescription drugs among women were a thyroid supplement, a cholesterol-lowering drug, and a diuretic; among men, they were a cholesterol-lowering drug and an ACE-inhibitor. Among OTC agents, decongestants, antihistamines, and anti-ulcer agents followed analgesics in frequency."

Surprisingly, to me, the most popular "herbal" supplements were lutein and lycopene.

Hey! The 42% of you taking a vitamin? I have two words for you: Ortho-Core

AOR put years of research into this revolutionary longevity formula. Perfect combination of ingredients in meaningful doses. Check it out.

Fosamax users need to take a very close look at Ortho-Bone by AOR. Many of my customers chose this over Fosamax after consulting with their doctor. Save your esophagus, print the ingredients from our site and talk to your doctor.


Sunday, May 29, 2005

MUST READ! New Research: Live to 400? Youthful and Vigorous the Whole Way

Absolutely amazing research, breathtaking in its import.

Let me hit the high points of this article about Cynthia Kenyon - Herbert Boyer Distinguished Professor of Biochemistry and Biophysics at the University of California, San Francisco.

"her lab at UCSF has increased the life span of tiny worms called Caenorhabditis elegans up to six times their normal life span by suppressing a single gene"

"...she (Dr. Kenyon) has totally changed her diet, eliminating most sugars, including those found in processed flour."

"She also drinks red wine and green tea, which her lab and others have shown help repair cells and contribute to an increased life span."


The following paragraph about her research set me afire with excitement as we specialize in pharmaceutical quality, highly-bioavailable anti oxidants!

" (Dr. Kenyon says) Some of the (longevity) genes function as antioxidants -- they stop the damage done to worm cells by free radicals." Free radicals are chemical by-products of cell metabolism, mostly created by the burning of oxygen, that wreak havoc on a cell's mitochondria, DNA, proteins and enzymes by stealing electrons. Deprived of electrons, molecules then start snatching them from each other in a vicious chain reaction. Cells counterattack with free-radical-scavenging enzymes called chaperones and other damage-repair mechanisms. Over time, free radicals and other environmental toxins -- such as ultraviolet light, heat and radiation -- can overwhelm the cell's defenses, allowing the toxins to tear up DNA, rearrange and delete genes, and initiate either runaway cell growth (cancer) or cell death. Free radicals contribute to human illnesses from emphysema and some cancers to Parkinson's disease and vascular disorders. The daf-2 in worms and similar genes in humans seem to be involved in repressing the synthesis of free-radical scavenging enzymes."

"At 50, Kenyon looks 35."

So, what can you do today while we wait for the new gene breakthroughs to apply to us?

1. Follow Dr.Kenyon's diet suggestions. Eliminate the sugars and refined flours. All sugars.

2. Supplement with a pharmaceutical quality EgCG green tea extract. Relentless Improvement's EgCG is ideal.

3. Religious, daily use of antioxidants! Critical for DNA repair, mitochondria health, and gene protection. Suggested dose of 400-600mg R+ Lipoic Acid daily for antiaging protection. In my opinion, this is your best choice:

Mito-GOLD from GeroNova Research. (The latest in high-bioavailability formulation. I use RALA-Gel and Mito-GOLD daily)

4. Use pharmaceutical grade Benfotiamine as an Advanced Glycation Endproduct inhibitor (a so called AGE-inhibitor) to halt or reverse existing damage done by sugar at the cellular level. The first clinically-proven defense.

Call 877-448-1625 or email info@RelentlessImprovement.com if you wish to discuss your choices, we will be glad to assist you.

Relentless Improvement is located in the heart of anti-aging and longevity research - the San Francisco Bay Area. Trust us to always bring you the cutting edge, pharmaceutical grade supplements that are proven effective in humans.


Saturday, May 28, 2005

Standardized Formulas and Doses

Always read your labels!

I am doing my homework today to be sure what I offer you is the highest value and most potent. Bacopa is what I was focusing on, and here is what I found:

Many offerings at a wide range of prices. BUT, they are trying to fool you my friends. Many brands I examined are standardized at only 20% baccosides. Ours is 50%. When the math is worked out, we are actually lower cost per dose!

Don't be fooled by the marketers tricks. They want you to think you are getting more for your money, but the opposite is true. There is no free lunch, and a quality product is not given away. Always read your labels to compare active ingredient dose.

Your choice- support a business that is out to empty your wallet. Or support a company that built on helping you.

PS- Just had a conversation with one of my Customers, Eileen, who wanted to find a pharmaceutical quality EgCG product. She didn't want a green tea powder, she wanted pure EgCG and she wanted to be sure it was rich in the full range of EgCG catechins. I was thrilled to be able to offer her exactly what she sought.


Thursday, May 26, 2005

New Products Added

New web pages with full info already up, bottle shots coming soon. Some items already in stock, others arriving late next week. Growing to serve You better! I am not aware of an Advanced Orthomolecular Research distributor with a wider, deeper inventory.

SAMe (both sizes)
NAC (n-Acetylcysteine)
Modified Citrus Pectin MCP
Magnesium Malate Renew
IP6 (Inositol Hexaphosphate)
GLA 240
C+ Bioflavonoids
T-100 (Thyroid Glandular Support)
Zen Theanine
DGL 500
Inositol Powder
Inositol Caps
Lithium Orotate


Wednesday, May 25, 2005

Knowledge vs Wisdom

Warned You that I was prone to post opinion on whatever had my dander up (don't tell George Carlin I just wrote "dander"!)-

One of my favorite aphorisms:
Knowledge- knowing how to do something.
Wisdom- knowing not to do it.

The supplement business offers consumers a wide range of choice; high end, low end, grocery store quality, Pharmaceutical quality, no quality(!), prices from $1.99 to $199.99. Powders, capsules, bulk, safe and risky. Private label, name brands, niche suppliers, plastic baggie powder merchants. Grocery store, vitamin store, internet retailer. Formulations with no bioavailability, and total bioavailability.

You, the Customer, have a plethora of choices. Choice is a beautiful thing... if exercised wisely. Choice, in the hands of the ill-informed or the maturation-challenged is another story.

The powder merchants seem to be the latest fad. In a race to the bottom to bring the masses the most for the cheapest. One little glitch in this Goldilocks scenerio- you, as a business, just sold your customer a years supply of some powder. You, as a business just made $20 profit. You, as a business, are operating in a niche market with a quite finite supply of customers. It ain't calculus to figure out -

1. The kind of quality, service and integrity you can offer your customers.
2. You will go out of business pretty quickly.

Now, you as a Customer say, well who cares right? As us guys say "we got ours, see ya later!". (editors note- I wound never say that :-))

Are you sure you don't care? What was really in those powders and capsules you purchased? You did swallow them you know. What is happening with your credit card information that you handed over? Is it sitting on some computer that is now being sold to a data-harvester after the company folded? Or did your identity get stolen even before the company folded because they couldn't afford or didn't bother to use password protection, anti-virus and data encryption technology?

You thought you were smart, because you had the knowledge to discover that lowest price. However, wisdom might have dictated a merchant of integrity.

Knowledge vs Wisdom, Cost vs Value.

Hmm, kinda makes you think eh?


Immortality Institute

I am a member of ImmInst.org, Immortality Institute, and sponsor the supplement forum there. This is a professional, high integrity organization that is worthy of of a look-see, and if you like what you discover, support the cause, become a full member. They offer a neat introductory package once you sign up.

You will be pleasantly surprised to discover it is hype-free, and quite scientific in its approach to the subject. Ever really considered the implications, nay, the possibility of living beyond the norm? Fascinating stuff and I promise you it will change your life.

It changed mine.


Tuesday, May 24, 2005

You, The Invaluable Customer

You know I cherish You. You might not believe the time, effort and money I invest to meet (and attempt to exceed) Your needs and expectations.

Actually, truth be told, I rather enjoy it. The challenge to increase my value to You in some way, every day. Have you noticed not every company has that attitude?

I ordered more RAM (Random Access Memory) for one of my business computers on Saturday. Seems RAM is the magic elixir for all computers electronic happiness. You would think a company selling computer stuff would have an easily navigable website, and in this time of glut for all things electronic, some pretty darn good customer service.


The site was a bear to navigate and find what I wanted, I had to "register" to place my order. Today I called them to see if my order had shipped. The first person on the phone brusquely informed me he was in "Sales" and I needed "Customer Service" (huh?). After a few minutes on hold, a person picked up and I asked my order status. She advised me that weekend orders are not looked at until Monday, and furthermore they don't ship for yet another day.

My thoughts of course went to my business, Relentless Improvement. Many of You have spoken to me on Saturday morning. If You ordered on Friday night or Sat morning, You know Your order went out Saturday. Because USPS is open, and You want Your products! My site is easy to navigate, with a prominent Search box, and simple to see and understand click to browse links by health concern, ingredient and supplier. And no forcing You to spend time "registering" just so I can harvest and sell off Your personal information to 3rd parties.

Your experience with Relentless should always be intuitive, easy, painless. Let me know how I can improve-

PS- Many new AOR products being added this week and next to further round out our already huge selection. My goal is not to add additional suppliers any time soon, because I want to give you additional items from a supplier You already have grown to know and trust. Please give me Your feedback on items You want to see in stock.


Multiple Sclerosis and EGCG

Thank you Irwin for this study on MS and Green Tea extract.

A quote- "Thus, a natural green tea constituent may open up a new therapeutic avenue for young disabled adults with inflammatory brain disease by combining, on one hand, anti-inflammatory and, on the other hand, neuroprotective capacities."


The benefit to you of EgCG is documented regularly. One common thread is the pharmaceutical quality of the extracts used in testing. Do you think they buy an unknown powder at the local discount store for $1.99? Wrong! As with all supplements, quality varies widely. If you are going to supplement, do it wisely use what they studies use: a Pharmaceutical Grade EgCG.

Irwin, a Relentless Customer, runs a ListServ email list for autoimmune research. He says: "I moderate the auto-immune list which is devoted to emerging research and issues in autoimmune diseases with an emphasis on multiple sclerosis. Subscribers to the list, currently approximately 450 world wide, receive information via E-mail that is in the public domain or written permission (E-mail is acceptable) has been obtained from the owner of copyrighted information. The auto-immune list is not a chat group. I am the only one that can post to the auto-immune list. There is no cost to the subscribers and my effort is totally voluntary. When information is posted no comments or interpretation are provided."

To subscribe to the auto-immune list send an E-mail to


In the body of the E-mail type: SUBscribe auto-immune "your name"

Without the quotes. No text is required in the Subject area.

Relentless Improvement has no association with the list, and we do not have access to any email information that you provide to subscribe to it.


Saturday, May 21, 2005

Harvard University says Vitamin D3 = Anti-Cancer

New research out today is stunning:

"... Dr. Edward Giovannucci, a Harvard University professor of medicine and nutrition who laid out his case in a keynote lecture at a recent American Association for Cancer Research meeting in Anaheim, Calif.-
"I would challenge anyone to find an area or nutrient or any factor that has such consistent anti-cancer benefits as vitamin D," Giovannucci told the cancer scientists. "The data are really quite remarkable.""

Another quote:

"The talk so impressed the American Cancer Society's chief epidemiologist, Dr. Michael Thun, that the society is reviewing its sun protection guidelines. "There is now intriguing evidence that vitamin D may have a role in the prevention as well as treatment of certain cancers," Thun said."


If you are not reading my blog, you probably have no idea about this ground-breaking research. Please, pass this URL to your friends and anybody that you care about: RelentlessImprovement.Blogspot.com and tell them to read it every day.

The article goes on to say-

"Supplements contain the nutrient, but most use an old form - D-2 - that is far less potent than the more desirable D-3. Multivitamins typically contain only small amounts of D-2 and include vitamin A, which offsets many of D's benefits."

This is the reason I specialize in Advanced Orthomolecular Research brand products. Both Ortho-Core and Essential Mix have very low Vitamin A (only 500 IU), and use the D-3 form of Vitamin D at a perfect 1000 IU dose. How much A and D-3 is your supplement giving you? You better run, not walk, and look.

Formulation by professionals in ratios dictated beneficial by the latest research.

AOR broke from the pack early on by recognizing that too much Vitamin A can have deleterious effects on bones and absorption of D-3


Deprenyl (selegiline) Now Available. (in disguise)

Bacopa is a natural (superior) alternative to deprenyl.

Thank you Peter, my AOR sales rep and all around nice person (as Western Canadians inevitably are), for pointing this out to me.

Many folks use deprenyl for its reputed anti-aging effects on the brain. I use it. One problem- it is prescription only in the USA so you have to find a doctor willing to write one for an "off label" treatment, or, like I have done, buy from an offshore pharmacy.

But this whole time I was getting deprenyl's reputed beneficial effects as I took my daily dose or Ortho-Mind (300mg of Bacopa.

From AOR research- "But the most exciting of the recent animal studies shows that Bacopa boosts the brains production of the key protective antioxidant enzymes superoxide dismutase (SOD), glutathione peroxidase (GSH-Px), and catalase (CAT). In this, Bacopa is closely paralleling the effects of deprenyl (selegiline), a drug prescribed for Parkinsons disease, which is being taken by many people in the life extension movement because animal studies suggest that it has potent anti-aging effect. Remarkably, however, the effects of Bacopa were shown to be even more broad ranging than those of deprenyl: Bacopa cranked up levels of these enzymes in every tested area of the brain, while deprenyl failed to upregulate these enzymes in the hippocampus."

Read the full story on the Bacopa page above. Wow- What a wonderful choice, a natural substance available non-prescription.

Here is a little more, courtesy of AOR-

"Despite what you might hear, you can't boost levels of SOD or CAT by taking them as preformed supplements: even when taken sublingually, these enzymes are destroyed by other enzymes. One of the few things that can rev up the brain's production of these enzymes is the Parkinsons drug deprenyl (Eldepryl®); this jump in SOD and CAT has been associated in a series of remarkable experiments in mice, rats, hamsters, and dogs with remarkable jumps in lifespan. In the most dramatic of these experiments, deprenyl actually extended the built-in maximum lifespan of lab rats by as much as 24% a feat unprecedented by any other drug or nutrient.

But the results of other studies show that the effect is inconsistent. The success or failure of deprenyl in extending life seems to be closely associated with whether the drug boosts CAT and SOD in these organisms under the conditions of a given study. So it's especially encouraging that the effects of Bacopa on these enzymes were shown to be even more broad-ranging than those of deprenyl, affecting a wider range of areas in the brain, and simultaneously boosting levels of the detoxifying glutathione peroxidase (GSH-Px) enzyme an effect not seen with deprenyl. "

We offer Bacopa alone, or in Ortho-Mind supplement.


Are You Spending or Investing?

From an earlier comment -

"Yo, pete...just got paid for a job and am dropping another bundle in your direction. Thanks for the discount coupon (Pete note-now expired, from blog post below.)...motivated me to add EGCG MAXto the order with some of my savings. Like what I read on Mito-GOLD and it's definitely a sensual capsule! Everytime I cringe at the cost of all this I remind myself of how many $$$ I've spent on worthless or unhealthy endevours over the course of my life. It helps keep things in perspective. And as I love my work, it's not so bad reinvesting some of this effort into a better future for me personally... "


I am going to let my customers write my blog.


Friday, May 20, 2005

Green Tea = Anti-Cancer

Thank you Irwin (an AOR EGCG Max customer), for the heads-up in my email this morning.

This Article from The University Of Rochester Medical Center is another in a log string of exciting research on Green tea, EGCG, green tea catechins, etc.

To offer quotes from the article:

"The thesis by student Christine Palermo is part of a wider research project led by toxicologist Thomas A. Gasiewicz, Ph.D., whose decades-long studies of the harmful effects of dioxin ultimately led his group to explore the protective effects of green tea. While its been reported that green tea protects people against some forms of cancer, such as breast and liver cancer, exactly how it does so has been difficult to pinpoint."

"Two years ago the team discovered that AH activity is inhibited by a chemical found in white and green teas, epigallocatechingallate or EGCG, a cousin of flavonoids found in broccoli, cabbage, grapes and red wine that are known to help prevent cancer. The team had been working on other chemicals to try to stop AH activity."

We initially hypothesized that EGCG would work in the same way as other AH (major cancer-causing molecule, the Aryl Hydrocarbon) antagonists, by binding directly to it. We were completely surprised that this isn't the case, says Gasiewicz, whose work was funded by the National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences and the American Institute for Cancer Research."

Instead, the team found that EGCG binds to HSP90, a protein that helps other proteins stay stable, serving the same role as a tail on a kite. When the two bind, HSP90 no longer turns on the AH receptor, stopping the cascade of events that would lead to the activation of several harmful genes."

There is a huge amount of research compiled by AOR buttressing the benefits of green tea extract. My question to you is- why aren't you supplementing with it?

For greatest protective benefit, use a pharmaceutical quality EGCG, with a full catechin complex. This is not a supplement to skimp on. Click Here to purchase AOR EGCG Max. I suggest buying 5 to earn the quantity discount and get free S&H. This is a product to use every day of your life.

Happy Friday!

Thursday, May 19, 2005

I Love My Customers (yes you!)

What makes my day fantastic is you, my customers. I really love my customers. I treasure all of you.

In a world of businesses racing to the bottom, and you know what I mean- no smiles, no help, no quality, no style, no class, a crappy attitude on the phone, cheap products, yada yada yada, I set out to build a business with a single goal- be the best.

And today I got some feedback on the value of that goal, and of my success in achieving it so far.

Thank you Florence for your comments. See, Florence has some people in her life that she loves and are special to her that need a little health help. Florence invested the time to research the products necessary to help. She then invested more of her time locating a place to obtain these products. The products she sought varied in their ingredients and their brands. But the common thread was Florence would settle for only the most effective.

Her goal was was aligned with mine, she wanted the best.

Today Florence found a solution to help her loved ones. And me? I got that great feeling that can only come from earning your business.

See you tomorrow!

Tuesday, May 17, 2005

Gotta Love That Hepatic Portal! (R-Lipoic Breaking news)

As promised from yesterday-

I have become quite the convert and enthusiast on GeroNova's new RALA-Gel and Mito-GOLD products. I use Mito-GOLD twice daily, and remain amazed at how it increases my physical and mental energy levels. I never realized the full-spectrum benefits of r-lipoic:

  • It is a powerful antioxidant
  • A critical co-factor in ATP production (clear headed energy baby!).
  • Regulates lipid and carbohydrate metabolism, signal transduction and gene transcription.
  • RLA is also neuroprotective
  • Chelates heavy metals
  • Can reverse enzyme and DNA oxidative damage
  • Crosses the blood brain barrier.

But it gets better.

Research currently in progress (a Relentless exclusive) is showing that the GeroNova exclusive MCT transport mechanism has an unexpected benefit. See, regular r-Lipoics or r-dihydro lipoics are peaky. Kind of like the old two-stroke dirt bikes. Plasma levels ramp up quickly, peak for a short period (only about 1.5-2 hours) and drop right back down. New research is indicating that the MCT in Mito-GOLD and RALA-gel acts as a time-release mechanism, lengthening the vital plasma levels to 8 hours or longer.

Bottom line, if you are not using GeroNova Mito-GOLD or RALA-Gel, you are receiving nowhere near the full benefit of r-lipoic. These products are available to the public one of two places. GeroNova's site or Relentless Improvement

Pricing is identical and we offer volume discounts to help you incorporate r-lipoic into your daily regimen.

Invest in your physical and mental heath and read this research assembled in one place for your convenience.

GeroNova R-Lipoic:
  • Solved the manufacturing polymerization problem.
  • Solved the stomach acid polymerization problem.
  • Potentially solved the short plasma life problem.

The pricing per dose, especially with the quantity discounts, is comparable or less than other r-lipoics that do not do you nearly as much good! Your choice- take something else that is not nearly as effective, or spend the same or more and receive full benefit. Easy decision for me.

Gotta hop and get your orders out now, but wait until you read tomorrows post. In a world of copycats and commodity products our goal is to keep you on the cutting edge.

Oh it is a great time to be alive and a reader of this blog :-)


Friday, May 13, 2005

Vitamin E (for you and me!)

Lower cholesterol, anti-cancer, anti-oxidant? Sounds great.

New Research was released yesterday from the University of Rochester medical Center on Vitamin E, or more specifically tocotrienols.

To quote from the article-

"Vitamin E, which has been widely studied for its health benefits, consists of both tocopherols and tocotrienols. Much research has focused on the tocopherols derived from corn, wheat and soybean. But the tocotrienols (TRF) seem to have greater antioxidant properties and are becoming more noteworthy in scientific research, (Dr.) Minhajuddin says."

He goes on to point out:

" Although millions of Americans take statins (for high cholesterol) and do well, they are expensive and they come with side effects. So far, scientists have not found any adverse effects of tocotrienols"

In previous research, Dr. Minhajuddin discovered:

" in animals that TRF (tocotrienols) reacts with liver enzymes in such a way that it clears toxic substances from the organ, and reduces or stabilizes liver tumors. The group concluded that long-term use of tocotrienol might reduce overall cancer risk,"

We have long recognized the health benefits of pharmaceutical quality Vitamin E supplementation, and have made available three distinct vitamin E products;

Toco-3-Nol MAX: TOCO•3•NOL MAX contains tocotrienols, “the other half” of the vitamin E complex. Tocotrienols are many times more powerful cell membrane antioxidants than tocopherols, and research supports a role for high-dose tocotrienols in supporting healthy blood lipid balance, and may support the normal growth and development of cells.

Total E: Total E is the first truly balanced, complete E-complex supplement. Vitamin E is not just alpha-tocopherol, and not just “mixed tocopherols” either. The E complex includes eight distinct vitamin E molecules (or “vitamers”): four tocopherols and four tocotrienols. Coenzyme Q10 is included as a lipid-phase antioxidant recycling couple to the E-complex.

Network Synergy: Network Synergy includes the complete “Antioxidant Network,” the body’s five-member antioxidant defense and recycling system. These five antioxidants: R(+)-lipoic acid, the complete vitamin E complex (tocopherols and tocotrienols), vitamin C, glutathione, and coenzyme Q10 – are unique in their synergistic ability to “recycle” one another into their active antioxidant forms. Selenium and flavonoids are proven network “boosters.”

See a selection of Vitamin E Products.

We cannot stress enough that these products are far from grocery store quality and formulation. Research shows that bioavailability varies hugely among brands. Personally, I am not willing to risk efficacy for price.

To Your Health!

Thursday, May 12, 2005

ACE Inhibitors - Bearlic to the rescue?

Interesting story on the wire today about ACE (angiotensin-converting enzyme) inhibitors. To quote from the story:

"ACE inhibitors, a class of drugs used to lower high blood pressure, also significantly improve the survival of older adults with heart failure and kidney disease, results of a new study show.

Heart failure is a disease with poor prognosis," explained Dr. Ali Ahmed, who led the study. "ACE inhibitors are a class of drug that improves survival in these patients.

Many people with heart failure also have chronic kidney disease, he noted. "ACE inhibitors also protect kidneys of patients with chronic kidney disease (with or without heart failure). So, apparently, there is dual indication and need for use of ACE inhibitors in heart failure patients with chronic kidney disease."

A natural ACE inhibitor is Bearlic Supplement from Advanced Orthomolecular Research and offers these benefits of allicin (garlic extract):

>High content of gamma-glutamyl peptides, the phytochemicals responsible for garlic's ability to inhibit angiotensin-converting enzyme (ACE) - the target of the so-called "ACE inhibitor" drugs. Therefore, Allium ursinum is a more powerful natural "ACE inhibitor" than kitchen garlic extracts.

> Twenty-fold higher levels of adenosine. Adenosine works by opening up the ATP-dependent potassium (KATP) channel in the smooth muscles of blood vessels, leading them to relax and present less resistance to the force of the blood flowing through them.

> Various phytochemicals present in Allium ursinum protect adenosine from destruction, allowing a significant amount of it to be absorbed intact.

> Twice the amount of ajoenes, the components of garlic believed to be responsible for garlic's ability to prevent the formation of dangerous blood clots.

> Significantly more of many essential nutrients than common kitchen garlic, including such minerals as magnesium, manganese, and zinc.

Further research by AOR discovers that:

"Kitchen garlic, and extracts made from it, does appear to have some ability to lower blood pressure, but the effect is weak and inconsistent - hardly surprising, granted that supermarket garlic contains so little of the key phytonutrients which support lower blood pressure. Several studies show that Allium ursinum consistently supports healthy blood pressure, and does a better job than kitchen-garlic supplements.

In one study, the effects of Allium ursinum were tested in animals fed a hypertension-accelerating diet. The diet caused a dangerous 29% increase in the activity of the blood pressure elevating ACE enzyme. Along with it, their blood pressure climbed upward by 8%. Both the increase in ACE activity, and the rise in BP, suffered by the animals receiving the diet but no supplements, were not only stopped, but reversed, by Allium ursinum.

Next, three different garlic extracts (Kyolic, Kwai, or wild Allium ursinum) were tested for their effects on BP, with all animals receiving a blood-pressure promoting diet. The animals who got Allium ursinum showed the greatest reductions in blood pressure and ACE activity, followed by those receiving Kwai, while those receiving Kyolic experienced the least effect on BP and ACE. Of the three garlics, the natural "ACE-inhibitor" power of Allium ursinum was the strongest."

Fascinating stuff!

Tuesday, May 03, 2005

Interesting Times

I had to sit back and chuckle after watching an ad on TV last night. Seems the cognitive enhancement craze has hit the streets, or to be more precise- Walgreens. A certain supplier is pitching a supplement which shall remain nameless (and publicity free) in this blog.

Why bother to mention it? Well it goes to the whole reason of why RelentlessImprovement.com is in business- to supply people with pharmaceutical quality supplements that disclose *in full* what ingredients are in them and in what dosages.

See, the game is played like this, and sadly in the supplement business it is a popular game- Add all kinds of useless ingredients, and pitch the product. Or worse yet, add ingredients to the label that actually have been shown in research to be efficacious, but DO NOT DISCLOSE the dose!

Guess why... the dose is not enough to be effective! You wind up with a product more akin to a multi-vitamin at best, and utterly worthless at worst.

Why do these modern day shysters play this game? Profits of course. Add good ingredients in meaningless dose sizes to pretty the label up and increase profits ten-fold. Claims of synergistic and proprietary formulation mumbo jumbo ring false and are simply a cloak for those that would recognize the sham, if only they were aware of the doses.

What good is acetyl-l-carnitine or r-lipoic acid if they are in microgram doses? Why even bother with alpha-lipoic acid when highly bioavailable R-Lipoic is now available?

Furthermore, if these products have the slightest effectiveness, it is critical to also take antioxidants to mop up the free radicals produced. Nothing like that on the store shelves, that's for sure.

Look at AOR Ortho-Mind to get some idea of a carefully thought out formulation, with ingredients in doses supported by research to be effective. Neuroprotectives, antioxidants and cognitive enhancers. That my friends is a true synergistic combination that you can trust.

All of our products have very, very, detailed ingredient information. We are damn proud of what we offer, and indeed work very hard to find the highest quality suppliers.

Be a smart shopper, demand disclosure, and penalize the shysters by denying them your hard earned dollars.