Tuesday, August 02, 2005

Ortho-Mind Blog Special: Free Piracetam or K-RALA

Here is a deal that will make you think-

Purchase Ortho-Mind, receive your choice free Piracetam or free 1oz K-RALA Liquid or free K-RALA Capsules*

* August special details- purchase Ortho-Mind at the regular price, and receive your choice a free bottle of Piracetam or a free 1oz. bottle of K-RALA-10 liquid or a free bottle of K-RALA Capsules. Special DOES NOT apply to purchases of 3 or more Ortho-Mind receiving the quantity discount. When you receive your order confirmation email, immediately "reply" and advise which product you prefer. If you order two Ortho-Mind, you may chose two different freebies. Offer ends Aug 31.

If you have been waiting to try Ortho-Mind, now is a great opportunity. Any time you use a cognitive enhancement product you should always use supplemental R-Lipoic to soak up any additional free radicals.